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                                      "LIFELONG LEARNING TODAY!"

Welcome EVERYONE to my Website celebrating the gift of knowledge, through the process of lifelong learning!

I believe we are all born with a natural curiosity of our environment. We explore our surroundings, absorb what we can, and reflect upon our observations. If we are successful, we may come to some practical understanding and retain the experience. In this way we grow in knowledge and skills that may help us not only observe, but modify our environment in constructive ways. Thankfully, this painstaking process is enhanced by the methodologies and systems we roll under the label of pedagogy (largely, formal education). And, our learning process has become more organized, efficient, and effective, as a result.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to learn under the watchful eye of various pedagogical systems. Some have been Very Good, others could be improved, but each provided something of value, even if not necessarily part of their intended curriculum. Along this, later, line of thought, I’ve come to believe that you can almost always learn at least something of value from nearly anything. And, with this glass half full, I’ve committed a large part of my life, thus far, toward the understanding of how such opportunities to explore, understand, and grow from our experiences may be most effectively shared with others.

I realize that teaching, or more specifically: Helping others learn, is a huge field of endeavor, pioneered and settled by pilgrims far more capable than myself, but I consider my effort, yet, another small step along those trails; just another homestead that, perhaps, someone can find at least Something of value to take along their own explorations.

Inside, as I’ve concentrated on the process of enabling learning to a dispersed audience, you’ll find a number of technologies and methodologies supporting Distance Learning (DL). I, along with my amazing student-colleagues, were fortunate to have the brilliant, tireless, and dedicated staff of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) to thank in helping us further our understanding of the DL environment.

I also had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to serve a prototype, Congressionally-mandated program intended to provide Distance Learning capabilities to US National Guard members at Units nationwide (The Distributed Learning Program, previously DTTP).   I’d like to share with you the milestones I’ve encountered that I hope will reflect a bit of my travels these past few years, which may also reveal a little of who I am, by the roads I’ve taken.

A “Reflective Statement” provides a brief, though hopefully insightful tour of my long, challenging, but worthwhile journey toward a Masters Degree in Distance Education (MDE) from the University of Maryland University College.

Some of my own academic work is presented through various articles, which includes short impressions of selected aspects of a prototype DL program. And, I would also like to share the considerable wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas expressed by my respected colleagues who joined me along my journey of discovery.

My professional work experience is also included, in which I hope to identify many of the skills I’ve acquired and the knowledge I’ve gained in my professional life, much of which has been significantly enhanced through my experiences in the MDE Program of the UMUC.


“The place that you are going to

is better than where you’re going through.

So, set your course with determination,

God has planned your destination” (Anonymous)



The purpose of this Website: “” is strictly non-commercial. It is intended solely as a vehicle to share thoughtful and relevant information facilitating the admirable fields of education and training for the benefit of promoting knowledge through lifelong learning.

Much of the material available on this Website was compiled through sources available openly on the Internet, as well as through excellent articles written by students of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), a premier institution in the increasingly important field of Distance Education.

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